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SHHH WE TALK EP. 2 Negative effects of a single-parent home. What racism means to white America.

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Episode 2

Effects of single-parent home and Americans who don't see the racial struggle

Job, Seth Whitted, Rico. Tyjack joins in remotely


In episode 2, Rico, Job Seth, and Ty go deep into parenthood and the impact that it’s had on them. At the very beginning, Seth Whitted mentions a misleading statistic that 72% of black children are raised by single mothers. This is misleading. 72% of children are born out of wedlock.

The documentary aims to analyze “beyond catastrophic” statistics through a discussion of the effect of welfare policies, social norms, and celebrity examples on this “disturbing epidemic.”

The documentary aims to analyze “beyond catastrophic” statistics through a discussion of the effect of welfare policies, social norms and celebrity examples on this “disturbing epidemic.”

In this category, ‘out of wedlock’ can mean both parents live together but are not married, both parents fully involved but not living together or only one parent is involved. According to Seth Whitted and Rico, both parents not being in the same household still has negative effects on the children even if both parents are involved.

A forum on childstats.gov declares that children in single-parent homes are at greater risk for adverse consequences than those born to a two-parent household.

The consequences are a result of more limited social, emotional and financial resources. In a book written by Sara McLanahan and Gary Sandefur. According to McLanahan and Sandefur, children of single-parent households are at increased risk of dropping out of high school. In the book’s findings, boys tended to be idle and teenage girls had a greater risk of pregnancy. Overall, the chances of these children going to college were greatly diminished.

According to Seth Whitted’s life long observation Single parent households in poor black communities can lead young men down a path of crime. Young men will go to extreme lengths to solve their families issues. In the poor black communities lack of finances is usually that burden which leads these young men to the streets. Drug dealers tend to get a reputation of being greedy and wanting flashy things but what people don’t realize is that most drug dealers started out with the intentions of solving family financial problems. So the decision to hit the streets is a direct affect of growing up in a single parent household.


But Job realizes that things haven’t changed as much when it comes to the divide between blacks and white. Not so much that blacks and whites hate each other but the fact that whites aren't open-minded enough to get what blacks are going through. Specifically, he states that he understands why black people mention that their lives should matter due to the history and the negative impacts of Americans' preconceived notions of Blacks. Rico stated that he feels Job was educated and Job interrupted him and said that it’s about getting the 'right education' because some kids are told that black people are treated the same way as them.

Listening to job give his perspective as a white man when it comes to racism is insightful. It shows me that most white people who oppose black people in their fight against injustice are not racist. They just genuinely believe that the incidents that occurred (police shooting unarmed black male) had either nothing to do with race or that you had to have done something wrong.

There are statistics out there to prove that systematic racism doesn’t exist, there are black people like Candace Owens and Sheriff David Clark who take strong stances against claims that black people are treated differently by law enforcement.

Candace Owens & Sheriff David Clark

So it makes sense why the average white person or non-black American doesn’t empathize with the black struggle. I believe that when white people think of racism they immediately think of the hatred for black people but what they fail to realize is that the racism black people speak of is the negative things incidents that occur as a result of deep-rooted preconceived notions about black people.


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