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At Whitted Media Services - Your mission or product has an audience of people who carry the same burn and fire that you do. This is your community that supports you and funds you. Your mission grows faster when you get this community to engage with you and each other.  First, we will help you find your mission or product, next we will define your audience and lastly, we will help you engage with them through multi-media and social media. At Whitted media, we start at any level with you. 



  1. Who: This is for those Artist, entrepreneur, community organizations or individual who has a burning desire to create something or solve an issue, but are not quite sure where to start.

  2. What: We will  Take a look at everything from your talents, ideas, personality, problems that you would like to solve, and passions, and help you figure out your purpose, product, and audience.

  3. Why: what you don't know, you don't know. We will work together with you take the things you see and the things you cant see to help you figure out a clear direction and plan.

  1. Who: You already have your mission or product and you need to figure out how to connect with your audience more. You’ve been posting to social media and promoting yourself but you cant seem to connect with your audience.

  2. What: Define the audience, understand how that audience learns and communicate, we figure out how you mission aligns with them and adds value to them. We come up with a strategic plan.

  3. Why: It doesn't matter how great your idea or product is, If you can connect with the audience then no one will hear about it. 

  1. Who: This step is for those who have the strategic plan and want to implement strategy and create multi media content to promote the mission. 

  2. What: we are not limited to just video work. We will figure out what is best for your mission and help you execute. This could be a live event, podcast conversation, short film, social media campaign, graphics etc. 

  3. Why: this is the part of the mission that is fulfilling. This is where the work is done. This part lets your audience know that you’re serious and a leader in that specific area. 


  1. The initial consultation is free. We meet for 15 - 30  minutes to determine what steps to take and pricing. I offer different packages with different prices. 

  2. Once you make a decision we move forward. 

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